Pro-Ed Sportz Benefits to Schools

  •  The children are in a different environment where physical fitness, fun and teamwork are important.
  • We develop good sportsmanship and co-operation.
  • We help to reduce obesity in children, which is on the rise and causes serious problems.
  • Physical education develops motor skills, mental alertness, improves concentration and attention span and even improves classroom behaviour.
  • We allow children who don’t excel academically but are good athletically to shine in front of their peers and thus builds self-esteem and enjoyment at coming to school.
  • The children’s progress is tracked and feedback is given on a regular basis to the class teachers.
  • Reports are done by our staff twice a year.
  • All of the equipment is provided by us.
  • All of the coaches are trained and monitored by head office to ensure an excellent standard is maintained throughout.
  • If a coach is absent, a substitute will be provided by our company.

Our Aim

  • To develop a range of activity sequences, organise equipment and implement a lesson which is beneficial to the children’s needs.
  • To apply simple rules during the physical education lessons.
  • To develop an ability within the children to remember, adapt and apply knowledge and practical skills in a variety of movement-based activities.
  • To promote positive attitudes towards health, hygiene and fitness.
  • To foster an appreciation of safe practice.
  • To develop motor skills through a range of relevant movement based activities.
  • To develop a sense of fair play and sportsmanship.
  • To develop effective co-operation.
  • To foster an enjoyment and positive attitude towards physical education.

Our Objective

  • Children will participate in a range of sports and movement activities in order to develop personal physical skills.
  • Children will be made aware of the capabilities of their own bodies and their immediate environment.
  • Children will be given the opportunity to develop their imagination and co-operation to achieve shared goals (teamwork).
  • Children will be given the opportunity to develop personal characteristics like initiative, self-reliance, and self-discipline.
  • Children will be able to enjoy physical education while being stimulated and challenged.
  • Children will be able to develop areas of activity of their choice.
  • To prepare children physically and mentally for when they enter the higher grades at school.
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