Kids Programme

The Kids Programme includes 17 comprehensive lessons involving a variety of apparatus including:

• Gym balls
• Beam
• Mini-trampoline
• Hoops
• Bean bags
• Sticks

• Ropes
• Small balls
• Large balls
• Cones
• Bats
• Hockey sticks

The Kidi-Sportz principles are encouragement and positive re-enforcement. We do not let any child sit out of any of the exercises, giving them as much assistance as needed to complete the exercise.

The Kids Programme is run once a week for 45 minutes, and the structure is the same as the Tots Programme (warm-up, small apparatus, gymnastics, strength and fun conclusion).

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What is included in this programme?

kidi-sportzThe warm up

The warm up is designed to help children with their flexibility. Flexibility is important for young children as it helps them avoid injuries, assists with good posture and enhances sports performance.

Small apparatus

This section of the lesson is designed around specific sports. The children are exposed to drills that enhance eye/hand and eye/foot co-ordination. They are also given a variety of sports equipment and taught how to play soccer, netball, hockey, rugby, tennis and basketball. This assists children in finding a sport that they are passionate about and ensures good overall sporting awareness.

Gymnastic equipment

We never have to ask children if they want to do this part of the lesson as they simply love it. The children swing on bars, balance on beams, jump on trampolines and learn basic gymnastic moves like rolls and handstands to impress their friends on the playground.


The entire group, including the coaches, is always excited about this part of our lesson. Each game is designed to teach the children important lessons about sportsmanship, social interactions, group dynamics and FUN.

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