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Payment of Fees
Fees are payable within the first week of the new term.

** Siblings will receive a 10% discount. **

Includes a T-Shirt, Administration Costs and Year End Function

Written Notice of Termination

  • One full calendar month’s notice in writing is required.
  • Failure to give proper notice will mean that the legal guardian will be held responsible for payment of KIDI-SPORTZ fees until proper written notice has been received.

Non-attendance of Sessions

  • Parents are responsible for payment of sessions that are not attended


  • KIDI-SPORTZ will be closed for the Public School Holidays – Dates to be advised.
  • There are no sessions on Public Holidays.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions governing “KIDI-SPORTZ” with which I declare myself fully acquainted.

By checking this box you are agreeing to the terms and condition governing "Kidi-Sportz" which are outlined above



1.1. KIDI-SPORTZ (“The Company”)

1.2. , for and on behalf of all the natural parents and/or legal guardians and custodians of the child (“the guardian”);

1.3. (“the child”) duly assisted herein by his/her legal guardian


The guardian acknowledges, in his or her personal capacity and in the capacity as the legal guardian on behalf of the child, that the child shall attend Kidi-Sportz entirely at the child’s and the guardian’s own risk and the guardian hereby accepts full liability for any loss, damage or bodily injury of any nature whatsoever that the child may sustain, including loss of life, and for the loss, theft or damage to property, howsoever arising whilst the child is in the attendance at and/or the care of the academy.


The guardian, in his/her personal capacity and as the legal guardian on behalf of the child, hereby: -

3.1. Waives and abandons all and any claims for any loss of or damage to the child’s person or property including loss of life and theft, or any other claim of any nature whatsoever, nothing excepted, which may be or become available to the guardians and/or the child or the guardian’s and/or the child’s dependants or estate, against the Company and all or any of the directors, share holders, members, employees, servants and agents, or any other person acting on their behalf (collectively “the exempted persons”) including, but not limited to, claims caused by or arising from any negligent act or omission or any breach of contract by any of the exempted persons; and

3.2. Indemnify all of the exempted persons and hold them harmless against all claims and costs of any nature whatsoever made by any person for any loss or damage whatsoever, nothing excepted;

Where such claims and costs arise out of or in connection with the child’s attendance at and/or in connection with any of the services provided by Kidi-sportz.


By clicking "Accept and submit", the applicant acknowledges and warrants that: -

4.1. She/He is the legal guardian of the child and is duly authorised by the other legal guardian/s and/or parent/s and/or custodian/s of the child, as the case may be, to agree to and to bind all of the said parents, guardians and custodians of the child, as the case my be, to this indemnity and accordingly acknowledges that any reference to the “guardian” in this indemnity includes, collectively, all of the guardians, parents and custodians of the child, as the case may be;

4.2. She/He has read and understood the contents of this indemnity Form and agrees to be bound thereby in his/her personal capacity and in the capacity as the parent and/or legal guardian on behalf of the duly assisting the child.