What is Kidi-Sportz?

Children are under extreme pressure in the world of today. This programme has been designed as a pressure release with an emphasis on fun, fun, fun! With the introduction of television and computers children have less time available to be exposed to play that involves gross motor co-ordination. This means we are finding more children being exposed to problems such as low muscle tone and many children need the help of an occupational therapist to assist them academically. The Kidi-Sportz classes have been designed to assist children with gross motor co-ordination and muscle tone and help to lessen the affects of some of these problems.

Kidi-sportz helps your child with reading & writing Kidi-Sportz helps your child write
Poor motor skills can cause hyperactivity and headaches Kidi-Sportz helps with self esteem & self confidence
Home-6 Kidi-Sportz helps with learning and attention