Welcome to the new Kidi-Sportz website

//Welcome to the new Kidi-Sportz website

Welcome to the new Kidi-Sportz website

We are so excited to launch our new website! We’re passionate about changing with the times and keeping up with new trends – both in education and communication – so we thought it was time for a fresh look.

At Kidi-Sportz, we believe that every child is important. I designed our programmes to enrich children’s lives in as many ways as possible. I wanted to create a fun, exciting platform for this generation to understand the value of sports, exercise and fitness. We would love as many children as possible to join our inspiring programme and make social connections with other children in our Kidi-Sportz family.

Winter is a great time to start Kidi-Sportz because it helps children build up stamina and ensures good physical development. In the cold weather especially, children naturally gravitate to activities like watching TV and playing games on i-Pads and other devices. We need to give them other fun alternatives to ensure that their development is well-rounded and balanced. Let’s get kids off the couches and onto sports fields!

Our biggest achievement is seeing these shining little faces that laugh and love every minute of their classes.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our unique sporting family.

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